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Whether it’s a bespoke staircase, stainless steel balustrading, canopy or a balcony, these features require expert architectural and structural knowledge.

Here at DMR Structural, we have built up a portfolio of complex and challenging architectural metalwork projects, using our design expertise to create cost-effective and eye-catching design solutions.

About Us

Our architectural metalwork detailing process

From staircases, stainless steel balustrading, structural glass, balconies or complex spiral staircases our drawing office will create a 3D BIM model from the design teams information. From this model our General arrangements can be sent for approval and site checks. After this each part and assembly of the model is created as a 2D drawing to be issued for fabrication along with NC Data, material lists and bolts lists as required.

When it comes to balconies we can offer a full solution package to include the decking and soffit cladding if required.

Using Tekla Structures allows us to model the concrete/brickwork interfaces as well as the steel to ensure everything fits as it should to reduce waste and costs to you the client.

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